Disney Cruella De Ville – Evil Or Not So Bad?

Last week I took my daughter who is 15 to see The Disney Cruella De Ville movie. I thought it was going to be a little cheesy, but my daughter insisted she had seen some rave reviews online.

I was pleasantly surprised, as I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Stone’s portrayal of Cruella De Ville, and she turned Cruella into a character that one actually likes and feels sorry for.

I think that this movie is the only one about her where you would want to take the side of Cruella De Ville. In all the other films I have seen her depicted in, she has been pure evil.

The movie was over two hours long, but well worth the watch, and it depicts Cruella De Ville when she was young and how she to where she was when you see her as the villain in 101 Dalmations.

Her big blue mesmerizing eyes did it for me, and kudos to the make-up artists who really made those eyes memorable.

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So Who Is Cruella De Ville?

Cruella De Ville is a fictional character in the 1956 novel The Hundred And One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith.

She is a pampered and glamorous heiress from London and she appears in Walt Disney Production of 101 Dalmations in 1961. This was Disney’s 17th animated feature film.

The name Cruella de Vil is a pun of the words cruel and devil, an allusion that is emphasized by having her English country house nicknamed ‘Hell Hall’.

A spin-off prequel movie called Cruella (above) was done in 2021 in which Emma Stone played the part.

In all her incarnations, Cruella kidnaps 97 or 99 Dalmatian puppies for their fur. In the live-action Disney film, it is revealed that the reason Cruella chooses to skin puppies is that when short-haired dogs grow older, their fur becomes very coarse, which does not sell as well in the fur fashion industry as the fine, soft fur of puppies.

The character became a pop-culture icon and a famous symbol of greed, vanity, and evil. She also has a sinister physical appearance, which inspired many Cruella De Ville costumes. She ranked 39th on AFI’s list of 100 Heroes and Villians.

Cruella De Ville Costumes

To find out more about any of these costumes, click on the picture.

This dress is 100 percent polyester and can only be dry cleaned.

It includes the shiny vinyl belt and bone accessory, but not the wig, jewelry, or cigarette holder.

Ideal for a fancy dress party or Halloween.

This costume on the left includes the dress, gloves, shrug, cuff, and choker.

Here is a formal and more elegant dress for Disney Cruella De Ville.

The dress is 100 percent polyester with a pull-on closure. You can hand wash the dress.

It includes the faux fur stole.

This dress is 100 percent polyester and hand washable only. The white faux mink stole adds that classic Hollywood look.

This dress will also work well for a Disney Cruella De Ville costume.

And if you are looking for an iconic wig to complete your look, here you go.

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