Snow White and the seven dwarves

Disney Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

In this article, I want to explore how Disney Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs came about and share some great products that you can buy online if you love these characters.

I have loved the story of Snow White since I was a child, and even now I still use the seven dwarfs in a lot of my dance productions, because they are such cute and lovable characters.

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Disney Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs History

I wonder how many of you know that the original story of Snow White was not done by Walt Disney but instead by the Brothers Grimm, and the original story was a lot more violent than the sweet tale retold by Disney?

Snow White was the first full-length (83 minutes long) animated feature in color and with sound that was released. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of Disney’s greatest films and a pioneering classic tale in film history.

It was the first commercially successful film of its kind and technically brilliant. It was the first film with an official soundtrack and the first film to release a motion picture soundtrack album.

In late 1994, Snow White was released on VHS home video and it sold 10 million copies in its first week. Three weeks after that it had sold over 17 million copies and would soon surpass the all-time champ, Disney’s Aladdin who had 24 million copies sold since its 1993 release.

Snow White eventually sold 50 million copies worldwide and was the best-selling cassette of all time. Snow White was released for the first time on DVD in late 2001.

Snow White Synopsis

The story is a much loved and well-known one. Snow White (voice of nineteen-year-old Adriana Caselotti) was raised by a wicked and vain Queen (voice of Lucille La Verne) The queen orders the Huntsman (voice of Stuart Buchanan) to take her into the Forrest and murder her, but he finds that he cannot commit the horrible deed, so she flees and finds refuge in the home of the seven dwarfs. They all have their own unique characters in the film to match their names.

  • Doc (voice of Roy Atwell)
  • Happy (voice of Otis Harlan)
  • Bashful (voice of Scotty Mattraw)
  • Sneezy (voice of Billy Gilbert)
  • Sleepy (voice of Pinto Colvig)
  • Grumpy (voice of Pinto Colvig)
  • Dopey (mute) – originally a buck-toothed buffoon named Deafy

“Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Us All.”

When the Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive via the use of her magic mirror, she transforms herself into an old hag and brings a poisonous apple to the young girl.

A kiss from Prince Charming (voice of Harry Stockwell) rouses Snow White from her deep slumber and they live happily ever after.

The film is sprinkled with wonderful, sing-along songs including Heigh-Ho, Whistle While You Work, and Someday My Prince Will Come.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took almost four years and an astronomical (at the time) $1.7 million to create, and was released for its premiere during the Christmas season of 1937.

Its single nomination was for Best Score. For the film’s remarkable achievement, Walt Disney was awarded an Honorary Oscar.

Here is a little insight into the making of the film.

Disney Princess Snow White Products

Snow White is officially recognized as one of the Disney Princesses, and little girls all over the world love to dress like her and even own a little bit of her, like this doll below, or even the hairbrush below that.

The Seven Dwarfs

Everybody just loves the seven dwarfs and everyone has their favorite one. I love Sneezy as his character is so cute and I also suffer allergies, so I feel for him.

Disney Snow White Shoes

This is a pair I found online, and any little girl who loves Snow White would simply die for a pair of these for her dress-up box.

Disney Snow White Back Packs

Above is a selection of novel backpacks. Both pretty and useful.

Disney Snow White Dresses

Whether for play or for a costume party, Snow White is always a hit.

Disney Snow White Witch Costume

Or maybe you prefer to go as the evil queen…..

Disney Snow White Movie

And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is, the entire Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Movie for you to watch.

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