how to beat the heat in summer

How To Beat The Heat In Summer

As you know, in Orlando and in California it gets really hot in the summertime. Let’s look at some tips on how to beat the heat in summer, especially when visiting a Disney park or resort.

Beating the heat will ensure you have a great time on your Disney summertime vacation.

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How To Beat The Heat In Summer On Your Disney Vacation

Are you preparing a fun-filled Walt Disney World summertime trip however need some suggestions on how to beat the heat?

how to beat the heat in summer

Here are some tips to keep you cool, keep you safe, and ensure that you have loads of fun:

Get Up Early

Get up early as this is the freshest time of the day, and you will have more energy in the morning for some exciting activities such as an early with a surfing lesson at Typhoon Lagoon with the Cocoa Beach Surfing School.

You can also surf in the wave pool before the park opens every weekday (other than Wednesdays).

Walking around early is also a lot more comfortable than doing your walking in the middle of the day in the heat.

Make Use Of The Disney Water Parks

Visit one of the Disney water parks and simply invest all your time splashing around in the cool water.

You can go to Typhoon Lagoon where you can ride a few of the tallest ‘manufactured’ waves in the world, or you can try your luck at Blizzard Beach with its amazing, rushing water and water slides fit for a real daredevil.

Water sports are also a great option, like parasailing, tubing, water skiing, and more water sports courtesy of Sammy Duval Water Sports at the Contemporary Resort.

Try investing the hot part of the day at the rail automobiles at Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom to cool off.

Try Air Conditioned Activities In The Heat Of The Day

There’s plenty to do at Downtown Disney World.

Thankfully for you, that consists of air-conditioned activities. Go inside the different shops and dining establishments. You can get souvenirs at the most significant Disney store of them all, the World of Disney … and unlike the indoor trips, you will not need to stand in a long line waiting to obtain relief.

Take Advantage Of The Pools

And last but not least, invest a  hot day at the poolside at one of Disney World’s resort hotels.

how to beat the heat in summer

Other Things To Do To Beat The Heat In Summer

Here are some things you can do to keep one’s cool and keep yourself safe from the heat while awaiting trips and walking in the parks:

        • Wear light-colored, light-weight,  and loose clothing.
        • Try to have one of those battery-operated, hand-held fans you can wear around your neck. Every little bit of cool air will help. This portable neck fan is also great. 

      • Sip water throughout the day, but don’t just drink water. Consume some Gatorade or Powerade to keep your electrolyte level in balance.
      • Avoid being in the sun between 11 am and 2 pm as sunburn is more likely to happen during these hours.
      • Try going on the trips early in the day, prior to the sun is at its highest point, then change to indoor or water activities. Early in the evenings is also a great time to be out and about.
      • Carry your water in a spray bottle that you can spritz on your face when you feel the need. Other hot zones you can spray to cool yourself down are ankles, knees, wrists, elbow bends, temples, and neck.

    • Keep some wet wipes handy for an instant cool down. Place them on your face or at the back of your neck.

Having fun and being safe while remaining cool at Disney World takes a little planning and a desire to try something new. There’s plenty to do so there’s no reason that you need to suffer misery in the heat simply to try everything and end up having no enjoyment due to the heat.

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