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What Is Mickey Monthly?

If you haven’t heard of Mickey Monthly or are wondering perhaps “what is Mickey Monthly?” then read on so we can have a look at just what Mickey Monthly has to offer us.

So, What Is Mickey Monthly?

Mickey Monthly is a online store that offers monthly boxes that are sent to all you Disney Lovers.

These monthly Disney subscription boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, or Disney Parks items, and are delivered to your door every month.

The products are of great quality and what’s better than getting a surprise package delivered to you every month. It’s like having a birthday once a month.

what is mickey monthlyWhen you enter the site by clicking on this Mickey Monthly link you will have various options to choose from.

You can choose a monthly box option that will be delivered each month or simply a once-off option.

Monthly Boxes

There are four choices here:

  • Original Series
  • Theme Park Edition
  • Pin Edition
  • Snack Edition

All the boxes promise to deliver more value than the actual price of the box and judging by my nephew’s face when I sent him one for his birthday, this is certainly true.

The Theme Park Edition and the Snack Edition seem to be the most expensive choices and the Pin Edition is the cheapest option.

Original Series

The Original Series Mickey Monthly box comes in two choices. A Classic Box which is the cheaper option and Magic.

Both boxes are a mixture of basic and middle-sized souvenirs which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The magic option includes big souvenirs too. The Classic option has 2 mystery items while the Magic option includes 4.

In addition, both boxes include personal shopping discounts and a Free Mickey Travel Club Membership.

Both the boxes are fully customizable to your personal tastes.

Theme Park Edition

This option is for all those serious theme park addicts.

It is strongly recommended that you do the quiz before choosing which box is better suited to you, but there are four options.

Fairy, Mickey, Castle, and Kingdom with Fairy being the cheapest and Kingdom being the most expensive.

They are all fully customizable and the Kingdom box is suited more for a family.

They all include personal shopping discounts and Free Mickey Travel Club Memberships.

The mystery items range from 2 in the Fairy box to 6 in the Kingdom box.

These boxes all include a raffle ticket for a monthly prize.

Pin Edition Mickey Monthly Box

There are two options here for avid Disney pin collectors – Pin Pro and Pin Collector.

The Pin Pro is your cheaper option includes authentic and brand new pins each month to add to your collection. The Pin Collector includes limited edition and limited release pins for collectors who take the game very seriously.

Both the boxes include personal shopping discounts and free Mickey Travel Club Memberships.

Snack Edition

what is mickey monthlyThere are three choices here – Fairy, Mickey, and Castle and they all contain Authentic Disney Theme Park Snacks.

You can get a taste of the magic delivered to you every month with this option.

They all come with the skip a month feature and the Castle Edition is the most expensive, but aimed for enjoyment by the entire family with 7 mystery snacks included.

Like all the other monthly boxes they also include personal shopping discounts and free Mickey Travel Club Memberships.

So if you can’t get to Disney Land, let Disney come to you each month.

Mickey Monthly is a well worth it monthly treat, and you can choose to cancel anytime.

If you want to test the waters first, why not try a Once off Box. They are a little more pricey, but you will get a good idea of what type of quality products you will be receiving each month.

To read about more Disney Monthly Boxes, Click Here.

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