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Bambi Disney Movie – The History And Some Merch

Who hasn’t seen the Bambi Disney Movie? This was one of the first Disney movies I remember watching as a child and it was very memorable for me, as well as very sad in parts.

In 1933, Sidney Franklin, a producer, and director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer purchased the film rights to Felix Salten’s novel Bambi, a Life in the Woods, intending to adapt it as a live-action film.

After years of experimentation, he eventually decided that it would be too difficult to make such a film and he sold the film rights to Walt Disney in April 1937. Disney began work on crafting an animated adaptation immediately, intending it to be the company’s second feature-length animated film.

However, the original novel was written for an adult audience and was considered too “grim” and “somber” for a regular light-hearted Disney film. The artists also discovered that it would be challenging to animate deer realistically. bambi

These difficulties resulted in Disney putting the production on hold while the studio worked on several other projects. In 1938, Disney assigned Perce Pearce and Carl Fallberg to work on the film’s storyboards, but attention was soon drawn away as the studio began working on Fantasia.

Finally, on August 17, 1939, production on Bambi began in earnest but progressed slowly owing to changes in the studio personnel, location, and methodology of handling animation at the time.

The film received three Academy Award nominations:

  • Best song – Love is a Song sung by Donald Novis
  • Best sound – Sam Slyfield
  • Best Original Music Score

In December 2011, the film was added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

This is the trailer…..

Bambi Disney Movie

Bambi was finally released in 1942 during World War II and produced by Walt Disney. It was directed by David Hand and was based on the 1923 book by Austrian Author and hunter Felix Salten. The story was originally called Bambi, A Life In The Woods.

The Bambi Disney Movie was the fifth Disney animated feature film to be released.

At the time of the film’s release, Bambi received mixed reviews from the critics, mainly because of the lack of fantasy elements in the film and objections towards a dramatic story of animals and their struggle to survive in the woods and avoid the threat of humans.

The New York Times said, “In the search for perfection, Mr. Disney has come perilously close to tossing away his whole world of cartoon fantasy.”

Even Walt Disney’s daughter Diane complained, saying that Bambi’s mother did not need to die. bambi disney movie

Today, however, Bambi is viewed as one of the greatest animated films ever made.

What Is Bambi About?

Bambi is a white-tailed deer and his parents are the Great Prince of the forest and an unnamed mother.

He has made friends with Thumper the rabbit, Flower the skunk, and Faline who is also a deer who is his childhood friend and future mate.

In the original book, Bambi was a roe deer which is a species that is native to Europe. Disney decided to base the character on a mule deer, but the illustrator Maurice Day convinced Disney that the mule deer had large ears and that the white-tail deer was more recognized throughout America.

The film starts with the birth of Bambi who will one day take over the position of Great Prince of the Forest, which is the title currently held by his father, who guards the woodland creatures against the dangers of hunters.

Bambi befriends Thumper who is an eager and energetic rabbit, and it is he who helps to teach him to speak and walk.

He makes other friends including a young skunk named Flower and a female fawn named Faline.

Bambi is curious and inquisitive and asks lots of questions about the world around him but is cautioned about the dangers of life as a forest creature by his loving mother.

He only briefly sees the great prince one day while out in the forest but is not aware that he is his father. It is on that day that he comes face to face with Man the hunter. He is briefly separated from his mother as all the animals rush to safety. They make it to the safety of the forest just as the man fires his gun.

During his first winter, he and Thumper play in the snow while Flower hibernates. One day while looking for food in the forest with his mother the hunter shows up again and as they try to escape his mother is shot and killed, leaving the faun mournful and alone.

Taking pity on his abandoned son, the Great Prince leads Bambi home as he reveals to him that he is his father.

The next year, Bambi has matured into a young stag and his childhood friends have also entered young adulthood.bambi disney movie

They are warned of ‘twitterpation’ by their friend Owl and told that they will eventually fall in love, although the trio views the concept of romance with scorn.

However, Flower and Thumper soon encounter their beautiful romantic counterparts and abandon their former thoughts on love.

Bambi then encounters Faline as a beautiful doe, but their courtship is quickly interrupted and challenged by a belligerent older stag named Ronno, who attempts to force Faline away from Bambi. Bambi successfully manages to defeat Ronno in battle and earn the rights to Faline’s affections.

One day Bambi is awakened by the smell of smoke and follows it and discovers that it leads to a hunter camp. His father warns Bambi that Man has returned with more hunters.

Although Bambi is separated from Faline in the turmoil when reunited they flee to safety. Feline then gets cornered by Man’s vicious hunting dogs, which Bambi manages to ward off. Bambi is shot but manages to survive. Meanwhile, at Man’s camp, their campfire has spread to the forest, resulting in a wildfire from which the forest residents flee in fear.

bambi disney movieBambi, his father, Faline, and the forest animals manage to reach some shelter on a riverbank.

The following spring Faline gives birth to twins under Bambi’s watchful eye as the new Great Prince of the Forest.

Bambi Merchandise You Can Purchase Online

These are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to purchase any of the Bambi Merchandise, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Simply click on the link or on the picture to find out more about the product.

Disney Classics Friends Large 13-Inch Plush Bambi, Amazon Exclusive

Bring home the magic of Disney with this adorable Bambi large plush friend. The character detail is excellent and it is made with super soft plush fabrics in a fun huggable size.

Perfect for kids and collectors alike and you can also buy the whole set including Thumper, Patch, and Tramp.

Bambi II (With Bonus Content)

Watch this Bambi Disney Movie as he reunites with his father who must now raise Bambi on his own.

Celebrate the powerful bonds of family and the unbreakable friendships in this coming-of-age tale that your family will enjoy over and over again.

Loungefly Disney Bambi Dreamy Allover Print Womens Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purs

How cute is this bag?

It is an officially licensed Disney bag made with faux leather with zipper closures, top handle, and adjustable straps.

Not intended for children under 12 years old.

Disney Bambi Mini Trinket Tray Gift Set, 3 Piece Jewelry Dish Ring Holder

Officially licensed Disney Merchandise, exquisitely crafted high-quality glazed ceramic trays for decorative use.

Cute and practical. Leave by the sink to store your rings in while you wash the dishes or store your earrings next to your bed.

Ideal gift for mothers day, Valentine or even Christmas.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Disney Bambi Blanket, Throw Blanket, Lily-45” x 60”

Love this cozy 45″ x 60″ blanket. you can use it as wall decor or to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s day.

It also comes in other Disney cartoons including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others.

HANSA Bambi No.5016 (Japan Import)

The body size of this white-tailed deer is 37cm.

Disney Bambi Vintage Floral Poster T-Shirt

This cute Tee’s come in various designs with a vintage feel that you will love.

Bambi Coloring Book: 60 Premium Illustration Pages to Color for Kids & Adults. Encourage Creativity with One Sided Coloring Pages about Characters and Iconic Scenes

The kids will have hours of fun with this 60-page coloring book. Each picture is one-sided so you can take them out to frame if you like.

So, that’s my take on the Bambi Disney Movie. Please comment below if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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