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Have You Seen The Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware Series

I was amazed when I saw the Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware series. This is an attractive set of plates and dinnerware that will go in most kitchens. The colors are all in black and white, which makes the series great to fit into most color schemes.

Here are some pictures of the Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware series and I am sure you are going to love them as much as I do. If you want to find out how to order them, you can simply click on the picture or the link to find out more.

These are affiliate links, which does mean that I will get a small commission if you do decide to purchase anything here, but you still get the same great low prices.

Presenting The Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware Series

Disney Sketchbook Mickey Dinner Plate, Set of 4

Let’s start off with the Mickey Mouse Dinner Plate.

I am sure you will agree that this is a very entertaining plate to eat off of.

The plates are made with high-fired porcelain for durability. They are both decorative and functional, and they are a wonderful gift for a Disney fan.

You can use this as a dinner plate or as a serving plate and it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The black and white graphics bring out the smallest details of each character on the entire Disney Sketchbook Series.

Disney Sketchbook Minnie Dinner Plate, Set of 4

You can also have your dinner plate with Minnie Mouse.

I would love a set of these to compliment my Mickey Mouse plates. I would serve all the men with Mickey and the Women with Minnie.

    Of course, if you are a Goofy fan, you might prefer these plates on the right?

    Disney Pixar Sketchbook Salad Plate 8in, Set of 4

    Your kids on the other hand are going to love these Toy Story salad plates.

    Maybe they will be encouraged to eat all their salad if served in the Toy Story Style?

    Zrike 4624033 Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware Goofy Soup And Cereal Bowl44; Pack Of 4

    You can also complete your set with these soup/cereal bowls. The ones pictured here are with Goofy, but you can choose your favorite character.

    Set of 2 Mickey Sketchbook Tidbit Bowls (Open Arms)

    Mickey Mouse certainly features a lot in the Disney Sketchbook Dinnerware Series.

    This tidbit bowl is ceramic not porcelain like the other pieces.

    Set of 4 Mickey Mouse Sketchbook Plates (Made of Bamboo Fiber)

    The Disney Sketchbook Series is also done in bamboo. With tan and black featuring as the main color scheme.

    If you go with the bamboo series, do not use in your microwave, and only use in the dishwasher if on the top shelf.

    This plate is just an example of another look you can choose from. Personally I would still go for the black and white.

    Disney Sketch Rectangular Platter – 13″ x 6-1/2″

    I on the other hand love this rectangular platter, as it has a selection of all my favorite original Disney Characters on it, including Pluto and Donald.

    This platter is easy to clean and is big enough to hold many different items of food.

    Disney Mickey Sketchbook Spoon Rest

    And last but not least, how about a Mickey Sketchbook Spoon Rest to complement your dinnerware collection?

    If you have any of these items, please comment below and let us all know how you are enjoying them. I certainly love my dinner plates.

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