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Why We Should All Watch Disney Movies

As most Disney movies are family orientated, have great story lines with happy endings, I don’t see why we shouldn’t all watch Disney Movies. As a family Disney Movies make great choices, as there is no way that there will be any PG material to have to try and avoid.

Why Let Children Watch Disney Movies?

Children love to watch movies. For them, what they see on the screen is one of their ultimate forms of entertainment. However, not all programs are suited for the development of children.

This is the reason why many experts suggest that parents should carefully choose and monitor what their children are watching. This is to ensure that they are getting and learning something of value from the experience, which is normally the case when they watch Disney movies.

Since it’s establishment, Walt Disney Company or simply ‘Disney’ has always been a choice for parents and teachers when it comes to providing quality entertainment to young children. This is because Disney has made its mark in creating movies that are meant to instil positive values among children (and adults).

The Power Of Disney Movies

In this day and age where most kids are so involved in their modern gadgets, it is very important for parents to make an effort to ensure that their children will learn something valuable from their experiences. Parents and teachers need to find creative methods in order to do this and keep the children interested.

Movies teach us and our children a lot of things. Through the characters and the stories we see, we are introduced to a lot of new things that we did not know before. There are so many companies that produce a lot of movies but there are only few who would create movies that are suitable for kids of all ages such as the Walt Disney Company.

Simply called ‘Disney’, the biggest media and entertainment company in the world never cease to produce quality movies that are meant to nurture the imagination of children and adults alike. Since Disney was established, they have been creating movies that have been used as tools for learning in so many classrooms worldwide.

Experts agree that one of the best ways that you can teach a child something is when you do it his or her way. Since you will be dealing with young kids, there will always be resistance if you try to boss them about and tell them what is right and wrong.

These days, many parents and teachers don’t realize the power of movies in their children’s lives. If you want your children to learn the right things and morals in life, you should encourage them to watch Disney movies for the following reasons:

Reason Number 1:

They foster the imagination. All Disney movies are made to make their viewers imagine things that are beyond the usual. One good movie that would foster any child’s imagination is “Aladdin” who is a young lad who falls in love with a princess named Jasmine. However, they can never be married because a princess should only marry a prince.

But everything turned out well when a genie comes into the picture and grants Aladdin three wishes. It’s a good movie to makes kids use their imaginations because it features entertaining characters such as the flying carpet and of course the unforgettable Genie.

Reason Number 2:

If you watch Disney movies, it will fuel the drive to dream and go after that dream. For children, dreaming is innate. But as they grow older, they tend to forget how to hold onto their dreams. To instill the value of having a dream and going after it, you can let them watch Disney movies about the power of dreaming such as “Up.”

Up was released in 2009, the movie tells the story of Carl Fredricksen who had enough courage to go after his dream despite old age and lack of resources.

Reason Number 3:

Disney instills that value of kindness. Although kindness is something innate, children sometimes don’t develop it because of so many factors such as improper guidance from the parents and the influences of other people in their lives.

To help him or her to develop this attitude, you can let them watch Disney movies that tell about genuine kindness such as “Mary Poppins” which is the story of a nanny who uses magic to transform ordinary lives into something extraordinary through kindness.

Reason Number 4:

Disney teaches us to accept people for who they are. It is not always about looks, as the story of Beauty and the Beast clearly emphasizes. It is what is on the inside that counts in the disney movies

The real meaning of beauty is taught well. In this day and age, kids tend to pay more attention to physical attributes rather than the inner assets of an individual.

To help them overcome the perception that beauty is all about physical beauty, you can let them watch “Beauty and the Beast” which tells the story of a beautiful lady named Belle who fell in love with a scary beast not knowing he is a handsome and kind-hearted gentleman. You can point out that one cannot gauge beauty with mere physical assets. Most of the time, the inner beauty of a person through kind deeds is what matters.

Encanto” is the latest offering that conveys the message that we are not perfect, and other people’s opinions and expectations should not shape the directions of our lives. In the movie, the characters with special abilities are not perfect either, however, they think that they are worthless without their gifts.

Reason Number 5:

For fun and learning of course.

For parents and teachers who want to instill good values in their kids or students, Disney movies can be the best reference that you can get. However, you have to choose carefully which ones you would allow these kids to see according to what lesson you want them to learn.

You need to identify what they can learn from a specific Disney movie before you let them watch it so you can explain it to them afterward and have a discussion about the movie in question.

Here are some of the things that kids can learn from watching a Disney movie:

The Power Of Love

With technology nowadays, children do not believe in fairy tales anymore. Although too many fairy tales can mislead a child, the lack of it may also dry him or her out of imagination.

If you want your child to grow up loving and caring, it would help if you would let him or her watch a Disney movie about the power of love such as the “Princess and the Frog”. This classic tale tells the story of a prince who was cursed to be a frog would surely make children realise that there are no limits when one does things for love.

Develop A Love For Nature And Animals

It is so hard to teach kids about love for nature and animals these days because they are preoccupied with the things brought by modern gadgets. However, you can instill this in them by letting them watch Disney movies that tell about the lives of animals and how nature should be protected.

One of the surefire hits that you can try is “Finding Nemo” which tells the story of a young clownfish named Nemo who was separated from his father when a Scuba diver took him away and placed him in an aquarium. The value of the story is that animals have lives and families too that is why humans should not do things to hurt them.

Now I just need to take some time off to watch Disney Movies.

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